5 hours and 27 minutes. What were you doing?
5 hours and 26 minutes. Do you think it will happen in the future?
5 hours and 25 minutes. Is this a sign?
5 hours and 24 minutes. Are you okay?
5 hours and 23 minutes. Am I affected?
5 hours and 22 minutes. Should I ignore it?
5 hours and 21 minutes. Are you still there?
5 hours and 20 minutes. Will you be mine? Forever if possible please.
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HOY :))

'Baby I love you
I never want to let you go
The more I think about,
The more I want to let you know
That everything you do
Is super duper cute


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8 months and 11 days

It seems a long time, but for me it isn't. I feel that we've been together for only a couple of days. Yes, it's all my fault. But it doesn't have to end like this. Kagabi ko pa nireready sarili ko, but I guess I can never do it. :(

It's never wanted this. Sinadya ko bang mabasa yun at mag-assume? If your me, you'd do the same thing. Like before right? But I've accepted my mistakes. All I want is your forgiveness and, and...your love :( You are my world, haven't I mentioned that to you? Oh right, I did I'm not sure if you were absorbing it though. I love you more than anything, I want to fix this damn problem. I want YOU.

I  don't need anyone else, I only need you and nothing else. I'm willing to wait...

I'm sorry if I'm like this..if this is a challenge, I'd gladly accept it. Until the end... </3


"If all else fail, would you be there to love me?"
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kiss kiss


"aun sad aq ngaun dku alm ung nrramdaman koe.. kng msaya ba aq o ndi ..:( bkt gnun?.. suko na kya aq d ko sya mkalimutan kht anu plit ko sya ng turo skin kng pnu mgmhal ulit :(" -12 [08.19.09

I discovered this blog from multiply, and it made me cry..alot. I'm happy I made the right choice to be with you :)
With that quote above, I really felt all of the sadness and hurt that I've caused you before..I'm sorry :( But I hope I made you happy for the last 8 months, I'm not regretting anything. Every risk is worth it.

I'll make everyday memorable for you, and all of those laughters will be remembered. Love is very unpredictable so let's make each moment last. :)

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Oh, what the hell. You don't care about my feelings anyway. Why bother? :|
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